Senin, 30 April 2012

My Mother's birthday

On 23 February my mother's birthday .Her age increased by one. On the date 23 that I'm the last person to say Happy Birthday Mom, why? because on that date I followed the choir competition TANGERANG  city level . Thank God it did not struggle in vain prayers and thanks to Mother and Father of our schools have won 3. Not so bad anyway. And the most encouraging was the first race I just follow in this field.
Back to the original topic, I could not give  a gift to my mother . From 23-24 I was given dispensation to race. On Saturday, I asked my friend to drive me to the bakery. Then I came home and my mother was shocked. She thought I already do not care anymore. Then she moved.
I'm so sorry  mother's surprise when late, thanks mom already given birth to this beautiful world.

Some picture :

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