Jumat, 24 Agustus 2012

care with you ~ friend

Actually what I do is not merely for you, but for people who are around you. they love you than you were little until now you've grown up. Even if you have never felt growing in an intact family but you should be lucky. You have a father, stepmother, brother and sister were very good. With age you should be mature enough to think that logical. With your attitude you do not describe the present age should be. You are just like a baby boy who always need other people. Moreover, your views on the matter. I know that there loved it. But why do you view it makes no sense whatsoever. You are less grateful for what God has given you. You are too arrogant will treasure there. You do not know that what you have now belongs to whom? If you are a grateful where you might do so at any time. You always sacrifice for it Saturday but Friday did you sacrifice? Friday on the day you are actually busy with you that I think it's not peting. But on the day Saturday you really take the time. You do prayer and fasting with a sense of forced and under pressure. Initially I would silence his pride and fun to your nature. However if you've talked bad about me, I am not used to stay silent. But why do not you change? I want to present in your life as a bearer of happiness. While you much there. I would like to change your views about this belief. I will try my best and I will keep you away from the belief that now because I care about you. You are my best friend and I can not keep my good friend took the wrong road.

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